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Producer Ag, LLC (formerly Team Marketing Alliance) has the grain origination agreement with Kansas Ethanol and handles all grain-related activities. For information on selling corn or milo, contact the following people:

Brian Bigler - Commodity Marketing Assistant - 620-694-5407 -
Kyle Adams  - Commodity Marketing Manager - 620-694-5404 -

Corn and milo prices are based on the CME Group Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) corn futures minus local basis for a specified time frame.

Contracts and Pricing
We offer a variety of marketing contracts for delivery to Kansas Ethanol. Contracts are commonly written using a 30-day delivery period.

Title of grain will pass to Producer Ag at time of delivery. All grain delivered to Kansas Ethanol will be applied to a priced contract or will be priced per the following policy: Contract overfills and bushels delivered for a spot price contract will be priced at the Kansas Ethanol afternoon closing market price the day that the grain is unloaded.

Contracts will be priced during active trade hours only.

Discount schedules are subject to change without notice.

Milo Discount Schedule
Corn Discount Schedule

Maximum moisture allowed - 17% corn and 16% milo

Payments are made by check once per week on every Thursday. For example, grain delivered Monday through Friday of week 1 will be paid on Thursday of week 2.

Deferred payment options are available through Producer Ag.

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