Grain Receiving Hours

Wed, Oct 4   =  7:30 a.m. -- 7pm
Thu, Oct 5    =  7:30 a.m. -- 7pm
Fri, Oct 6      =  7:30 a.m. -- 7pm
Sat, Oct 7     =  TBD
Sun, Oct 8   = CLOSED

*Closing times are subject to change due to weather. Please check this page for updates.*

2023 Corn Harvest Info:
Maximum Moisture = 17%

Pricing--For any corn that is delivered and not contracted yet, we offer a short grace period for you to verify tickets/splits and get contracts written. If you do not want to price the bushels yet, we are offering two different types of contracts:

1) Basis Contract -- Set the basis and then you have until Nov 30, 2023 to price the futures. No fees apply.

2) Price Later Contract -- The basis and futures are not set and you have until April 26, 2024 to price.                                                                          Service Fee = 6 cents per bushel per month

*Any bushels not priced by September 30th will automatically be put on a Price Later Contract*


Brian Bigler     620-694-5407
Kyle Adams     620-694-5404

General Information:

Click the 'Grain Info' tab for full discount schedules and other information

Radio Communication - Our grain receiving personnel communicate with trucks that have a CB on channel #14. If a truck does not have a CB, they can stop at the Security Gate Guard Hut to get a handheld radio to use while on the property.

Prices during the trading session are on a 10-minute delay

If you are interested in a delivery period that is not shown, please call us for a bid.

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